french site

Le Moulin de Chez Pey

Located in the Park Périgord-Limousin Regional Natural,

in a nest of greenery, the site is popular

by the French and foreign tourists.

The property is crossed by the Bandiat,

fairly regular and fishing river.

We are residents of about 600m.


Part dwelling composed of 3 parts.

A developed area buildings of 550m²


A rustic bar with a fireplace

The floor is made of old wheels Moulin granite

An approximately 32-seat restaurant hall

which includes a section of wall

3 windows overlooking the Flour Mill

A large kitchen is to be converted

a barn for 50 people.


A flour mill and grain

A mill nut oil .. With 2 genuine presses,

one for oil and one for cider,

and a mill ancient apple.

The wheel drives the two mills.


The Abords could help create

a recreation area and picnic A fish farm,

breeding horses or ponies, ect ……